Veteran Resources

Transitioning to Civilian Careers

Since 1998, Creating IT Futures has helped hundreds of military veterans get the training and certification they need to jump into the IT workforce.


Veterans possess skills in high demand by the private sector –such as discipline, maturity, perseverance, and the ability to think critically, solve problems and work effectively with others.


IT-Ready: 8 Weeks of Intense IT Training, Free to Vets


In IT-Ready, veterans of all occupational backgrounds and life experiences can be trained quickly to successfully enter the IT workforce –even if they don’t have prior IT experience.


Veterans who do have technology experience often have the same training and skills as their civilian counterparts, but they lack the professional certifications expected by civilian employers. IT-Ready offers veterans the chance to identify and fill in any gaps in training required for employment in civilian positions.


IT is a great field for military spouses, giving them skills that can accompany them as they transfer for duty assignments. IT-Ready is also open to military spouses.


Transition Tech


At Fort Bragg in North Carolina, Creating IT Futures partnered with Fayetteville Tech Community College to help servicemen going into civilian life get training and certifications to jumpstart their IT careers. Learn more about Transition Tech through our video and white paper.


Online Job Portal for Vets


CompTIA also participates in, an online portal connecting vets with open jobs in the private sector as well as career resources like mentoring, training and networking.



Vets who want to learn about IT certification should check out CompTIA's certification website.


Computer Learning


For vets who need to learn more about computers in general, Creating IT Futures partnered with the National Cristina Foundation to build an online resource guide.

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