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Learn how others got their start in tech and what their jobs are like. Plus hear about other STEM programs making a difference in the lives of teenagers.


Test Drive an IT Career
Check out the IT careers of 17 tech professionals. For instance, how is IT like a crossword puzzle? Go for a spin with Vivian and find out. Vivian loves to solve problems, which makes her career as a customer relations manager a great fit.


Tech Career Tips
Hear from Creating IT Futures staff on how to land the job and move your way up the tech career ladder. Smart planning before, during and after the job interview — paired with a bit of sleuthing — is the best way to make a great impression!


GameChanger STEM Programs
Whether it's developing after school IT programs for youth or sharing best practices in classroom-based IT training, our GameChanger video series highlights the best of tech-based STEM programs across the country. Our latest video features the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Midlands in Omaha, NE, where technologists who are passionate about their craft offer youngsters insight into what an IT career might look like.


Early College STEM Schools
We worked with five Chicago Public Schools' Early College STEM Schools (ECSS) to place their students in paid, skills-based internships, gaining valuable business and career experience. Funded by a grant from the Chicago Workforce Funders Alliance, we connected dozens of local employers with the students, vetting the students and employers and helping to structure the internships to give the best possible experience to both the students and employers.


IT-Ready Graduate Success Stories
Each year, we showcase several students and how they've changed their lives with IT-Ready and launching their tech careers. For instance, hear about divorced mother of two teenage boys, Linda Ulliman, who kept her spirits high by running marathons, but when her finances became pinched, she decided to go after a new challenge: a new career in the IT field.


IT-Ready Employer Success Stories
We know our IT-Ready graduates make great tech employees. But, hear from the employers themselves. For instance, see how Pomeroy hired several IT-Ready graduates and boosted client satisfaction.


IT-Ready Partner Success Stories
Congratulations to IT-Ready Charlotte which received the Outstanding Innovative Partner Award at the Governor’s NCWorks Awards of Distinction. NCWorks created this video to salute IT-Ready at their 2018 banquet.

Our channel is a combination of two thought-provoking podcasts: Technologist Talk with Charles Eaton and Technologist Talk Radio


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Our series of Technologist Talk podcasts complements Charles Eaton's book, How to Launch Your Teen's Career in Technology: A Parent's Guide to the T in STEM.

What cybersecurity skills are most in-demand in today’s IT job market? Building firewalls? Spotting malware? Penetration testing? None of above, says our guest expert CompTIA CEO Todd Thibodeaux, who believes soft business skills – such as researching, writing, teaching, learning and collaborating – are what set candidates apart from the cybersecurity crowd in the eyes of employers.

Tech Talk Radio

Curious about how technologists found, shaped, and developed their careers? Interested in their day-to-day experiences? Intrigued by opportunities to explore the T in STEM? Technologist Talk Radio shares bite-sized insights from the experiences of the people who define the field: Technologists themselves.

Millions of teens head back to school this month. And if you’re the parent or mentor of an aspiring technologist, how can you tell whether your school has a good tech program? Eric Larson, who directs the NextUp program for Creating IT Futures, says there are “6 Signs.” In this episode, Eric shares the first three with host Bob Dirkes.

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