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March 20, 2019

Our First IT-Ready Students in San Antonio Already Love Their Class

By Lisa Fasold

Just a few weeks into the course, and our first IT-Ready students in San Antonio are already loving our class.


Student Tony DiLeo said, “IT has always been my passion. I've been wanting to get certified for a very long time. I'm loving IT-Ready. We have an awesome instructor, and I'm learning so much every day.”   


With 87% of the students being veterans or veteran caregivers, our students are used to hard work and giving their all every day. Veterans possess skills in high demand by the private sector – such as discipline, maturity, perseverance, and the ability to think critically, solve problems and work effectively with others.


SAT class day one


In IT-Ready, veterans of all occupational backgrounds and life experiences can be trained quickly to successfully enter the IT workforce – even if they don’t have prior IT experience. IT-Ready offers veterans the chance to identify and fill in any gaps in training required for employment in civilian positions.


“I decided to join this class because I see it as an opportunity to move in to a field that I will enjoy and that will provide for my daughter and myself moving into the future,” said student Raul Peterson. “I am very happy with the class. Our instructor, Herb Poland, is very knowledgeable and is always willing to go back over a subject or even restart from square one if it is needed. The material is a bit overwhelming at first, but at the speed that we are progressing through it and the confidence of our instructor has in us have reassured me that I should see a successful completion to this course.” 


“On my first day, I felt overwhelmed with information. But, from that point on, it has rejuvenated my passion to enter the IT world. I already have applied some of what I have learned to my own home computer system. The class has opened my mind to more possibilities,” said student Jason Arndt. “Our instructor has a way of making everything interesting and keeping the attention of the whole class while keeping us in track.” 


“It’s been really exciting to work with people wanting similar goals,” said student Leslie McCullough of her classmates. “I wanted to join IT-Ready to improve my job opportunities, and that will surely happen. This has been a great group of people, and our trainer has been top notch. Thank you so much for this opportunity!”


Ready to Join the Tech Workforce in in April

With support from Cognizant U.S. Foundation and Wounded Warrior Project, our first IT-Ready class in San Antonio will graduate on April 19. Local IT hiring managers are asked to consider our workplace-ready job candidates for their entry-level help desk job openings.


“Wounded Warrior Project is transforming the way America’s injured veterans are empowered, engaged, and employed in our communities,” said Tom Kastner, vice president, financial wellness, Wounded Warrior Project. “This partnership promises to deliver critical skills and training in the information technology sector that will create quality career opportunities for warriors.”


“IT-Ready has a successful track record of producing knowledgeable technologists who hit the ground running for their employers,” said Sue Wallace, Creating IT Futures’ executive director, national workforce solutions. “IT-Ready graduates bring to the workplace a useful blend of hard technical skills and softer professional skills that make them perfect for entry-level positions in IT services and support.”


Our students in San Antonio already have attended a local career fair to meet with employers, and they’re anxious to launch their tech careers.


“I’ve always been fascinated with the computer hardware world. But, I’m more interested in learning the inner workings of each component and IT global applications,” said student Mike Hernandez. “I have a strong desire to join the IT workforce and share my knowledge with those facing physical or financial challenges. IT-Ready has presented me the opportunity to learn and share.”

Another student, David Hall, added, “With IT-Ready, I saw an excellent opportunity in competing for placement in an understaffed workforce. I truly appreciate the opportunity given.”


SAT class


San Antonio-area businesses interested in reviewing resumes of certified IT-Ready graduates and interviewing these qualified candidates for entry-level IT positions should contact Nicole Maseberg at or visit


How IT-Ready Works

IT-Ready class is provided to students completely free of charge, thanks to financial support from the Cognizant U.S. Foundation and in partnership with Wounded Warrior Project.


IT-Ready is an eight-week, classroom-based, instructor-led program that teaches a wide range of hardware and software skills people need to secure entry-level IT positions. Just as importantly, IT-Ready also teaches critical “soft” skills, such as workplace etiquette, communication, teamwork and collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving, and customer service.  


At the end of IT-Ready training, students sit for the CompTIA A+ certification exam, also offered free of charge. This vendor-neutral certification has become the IT industry's preferred qualifying credential for an entry-level tech role. 


IT-Ready students receive free tuition, books and learning materials, more than 240 hours of training, and certification vouchers. Classes run from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. every weekday for eight weeks.


Second Class Commences June 3; Applications Due May 3

Prospective IT-Ready candidates can submit their applications online now for San Antonio’s second IT-Ready class. The course begins June 3, and the application deadline is May 3.