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July 20, 2012

Let the Apprenticeships Begin

“Did you pass? Great job!”

Adam Turner, instructor for the IT-Ready class in Cincinnati, found himself speaking these words into his cell phone repeatedly the past few weeks as his students reported their CompTIA A+ certification exam results.

Within three weeks of classes ending, more than 80 percent of participants in the two IT-Ready classes (Cincinnati and Minneapolis / St. Paul) had achieved certification, making them ready for the next stage of the IT-Ready program: an interview for a paid six-month apprenticeship with a local company.  

As of July 20, 2012, five students had been placed with companies. In Cincinnati, Tata Consulting took on two IT-Ready graduates. In the Twin Cities, graduates were readying for apprenticeship positions with Covidien, SecureConnect Inc., and HealthPartners.

Here is what some of the students had to say about their IT-Ready training:

“I worked in IT before and I got downsized 10 years ago.  So I saw this program, and realized it could offer me that chance to get back into IT.” — Rich, Cincinnati

“If you want your career to expand at all, you have to have a professional demeanor. That goes for the lowest person in the company all the way up to the CEO.” — Bradley, Mpls. / St. Paul

 “[In the military] I was in charge of the entire engineering plan for a guided missile fast frigate. Hopefully [IT-Ready] will lead to gainful employment — not just employment, but career employment. I’m just happy about this opportunity and I look forward to the upcoming ventures in the IT field.” — Tedd, Cincinnati

“The instructor stays on topic and motivates us to learn through interaction.” — Bob, Mpls. / St. Paul

“I always thought I knew a lot about computers until I came into the class.  I love working on the computers. It’s hard work but troubleshooting is very rewarding.” — Ama, Cincinnati

“Since I’m trying to get back into the workforce, if it’s through IT, why not? That way I can combine it with my 10 years in health insurance.” — Azeem, Mpls. / St. Paul

“I think IT-Ready really gave me the communications skills to succeed in a professional atmosphere.” — Tim, Cincinnati

“I’ve had full-time jobs but they were all warehouse, factory jobs.  This is my first attempt to get into a professional setting.  It was fantastic.  It really was.  I learned more in eight weeks than I did in two years.” — Brandon, Cincinnati

If your company is located in one of the two locations and might be willing to hire an apprentice, please visit and click on Employers

To meet the members of the two IT-Ready Spring 2012 classes, watch the videos:
Mpls. / St. Paul: