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Every November, Creating IT Futures participates in Giving Tuesday, a global day of giving fueled by the power of social media and collaboration. This year, Giving Tuesday is November 27, the Tuesday following Thanksgiving.


This year on Giving Tuesday, we need your help to spread our biggest news ever:

  • a two-fold increase in the number of IT-Ready classes for 2019; and
  • a dedicated effort to bring military veterans into the program.

Launching on November 8, our “Be a Hero to a Hero” campaign asks you, our supporters, to join us in raising funds that will enable thousands of military veterans to take the first step, not just to a new job, but to a family-sustaining career in IT.


Please take a moment to visit our dedicated fundraising page on and either make a donation or join us in the fundraising effort! We look forward to working with you in support of IT-Ready’s expansion and the purposeful work of helping veterans find meaningful careers in the IT industry.


Interested in joining the campaign? Become a Fundraiser!

By joining us as a fundraiser, you or your team can contribute to this worthy cause. Visit our campaign site and click the “become a fundraiser” button to set up your own fundraising page.


Spread the word!

Following are resources that will help spread the word about the “Be a Hero to a Hero” campaign. Leverage your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or email list to help bring more veterans into IT careers!

  1. Download the Be a Hero to a Hero Campaign Images to help you share our news. Inside the zip file, you’ll find banner graphics for your social media pages as well as daily graphics to post.
  2. Download the Be a Hero to a Hero Countdown Tweets to go along with the daily graphics.
  3. Download the full Fundraiser Toolkit, showing you how to start your individual campaign page and supplying you with the email copy, social media tips and talking points for the campaign.
  4. For a list of success stories about veterans in IT-Ready, check out the sidebar on this page. Plus, you can share our video about National Guardsman Brant Backes and his success.


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Social Media Post
Social Media Post
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Isiah Rafos

When Isiah’s dream of becoming a firefighter for the Air Force was extinguished, IT-Ready offered him a viable new path.

Brittian McIntosh

When Brittian left the Navy with electronics expertise and professional commendations, he assumed his transition into the civilian workforce would be an easy one. It wasn’t. IT-Ready gave McIntosh skills and credentials to kick-start a new career.

Jonathan Parsons

IT-Ready gave Jonathan, a former Army intelligence analyst, the tools he needed to deploy his military experience into a civilian tech role that earned family-sustaining wages.

Cha Yang

After eight years of military service in the Marines, Cha was ready to put down roots closer to home. IT-Ready provided the necessary training to grow his new career. 

Michael Dauffenbach

In 2012, IT-Ready gave Michael, a National Guardsman transitioning into the civilian workforce, the knowledge and skills he needed to secure full-time employment in the IT industry.

Phao Thor Holding Certificate

To provide for his family, Army veteran Phao set his own dreams aside. IT-Ready equipped him with the skills and confidence he needed to make new dreams come true. 

Brant Brackes

National Guardsman Brant had been out of work for nearly two years when he heard about IT-Ready. Fast-forward eight weeks later, IT-Ready had equipped him with the skills needed to launch a successful — and financially secure — tech career. 


Joshua of the Iowa Army National Guard struggled with finding the right training and education program to help him transition from military life and service, to civilian life and a career, until he found IT-Ready.