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Building Successful Internships

The 4Ps of Internships

APRIL 2015

To get high school students ready for the business world, they need access to internships. To create more internships, schools and employers can build upon the 4Ps of internships: project, place, personnel, and payment.

Learn about the 4Ps.

Educating People to Think Beyond Traditional Paths to Professional Careers

Gretchen Koch and her workforce development team at the Creating IT Futures Foundation are showing how certifications can open doors to financially viable, upwardly mobile careers, no matter the industry.

Learn more.

Classroom Technology and Innovation That’s as Easy as Raspberry Pi

Professional development and student competitions facilitated by the Illinois IT Learning Exchange help expose teachers and students to new technology.  

Read more.

Bringing your A Game to Plan B

Kevin Rose had a career game plan in place — until suddenly he didn’t. IT-Ready helped him develop a new and improved one.


Read more about Kevin's journey.


Fourteen IT-Ready Graduates Are Ready To Join the IT Workforce

At this month’s IT-Ready graduation in Minneapolis, James Afdahl, former chief financial officer for GED Testing Service, remarked, “I can see the camaraderie and team building [of these new graduates]. They have the certificate and training, and now they have the confidence to land the job. Employers want more people from IT-Ready.”

Read more about James and other graduates.

IT-Ready Grad Turns Beloved Hobby into Exciting New Career Path

Addison Cooper has built, worked on and played with computers his entire life. IT-Ready helped him turn a long-time hobby into a promising career.

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Building Tech Confidence and Camaraderie in Female Students

Samantha Sianez, a junior at El Dorado High School in El Paso, is not the type of person who likes to just flip through books. She enjoys hands-on work and found that she wanted to be involved in tech. Passing the CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Security+ exams back to back last month, she has set her dreams on working in cyber security.

Learn more.

Otto Bremer Foundation Awards $50K to IT-Ready Job Program

For a second year, our IT-Ready job program in Minneapolis / St. Paul received a $50,000 grant from the Otto Bremer Foundation (OBF). The grant will help low-income residents traditionally underrepresented in the IT industry train for and secure careers in IT.

Learn more.

Labs Looking for Local Champions of Summer Internships

IT Futures Labs is looking for industry and school partners who want to coordinate IT summer internships for youth in their city.

Learn more.

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