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Teen Views on Tech Careers

Creating IT Futures wanted to know how teens viewed tech careers

MARCH 2015

In its first survey on teen views of tech careers, the Creating IT Futures Foundation gained several insights into how a large segment of low- to middle-income urban African American and Hispanic teens, as well as parents, regard information technology (IT) jobs, college and future careers.

Download the survey here.

Measuring results: Giving community colleges the data they need to prove their students’ success

You’d assume that earning an IT industry credential — such as CompTIA’s A+ certification — would boost a community college graduate’s employability and income potential. But does it really? That deceptively complex question has led Gretchen Koch, executive director of workforce development strategies at the Creating IT Futures Foundation, on a years-long quest for answers.  

Read more.

Drawing in instead of weeding out

Tech education at the secondary school level should be drawing in new participants not weeding out potential technologists. Charles Eaton, president of the Creating IT Futures Foundation, discusses current trends and what we’ve learned.

Read more from Charles.

Teens want to do good

Stereotypes aside, it turns out that young people want futures and careers that can help them help their families and their communities.

Learn more.

Meet Reynold Roberts, Brooklyn borough training manager for ASI System Integration

Reynold Roberts says he is living proof that a desire to learn and to work collaboratively with others can fuel an upwardly mobile career in the IT industry.  

Watch his Test Drive Video to learn more about IT careers.

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Welcome to the newest IT-Ready location!

Per Scholas launches the proven IT-Ready training program in Dallas.

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IT industry applauds TechHire Initiative

Creating IT Futures Foundation supports Obama's new campaign to get more Americans rapidly trained for well-paying technology jobs.

IT-Ready popping up in Philadelphia

Philadelphia marks the second IT-Ready pop-up location after a successful pilot class in Omaha, NE, last fall.

Learn more.

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