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Whether it is STEM, STEAM, or some other type of technical education, all ages - from middle school to high school and beyond - benefit from training in IT. Read on for more stories of students who have found their way into IT through different avenues.

July 2018

Teen Playing with Tech

Celebrate STEM Success

At the 40th National TSA Conference, thousands of young students full of creativity and an eye on the future, showed their flair and skill in the name of STEM education over five packed days.

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Sara Benge

Lending Opportunities to Students to Engage in STEAM Learning Outside of the Classroom

FUSE facilitators Sara Benge and Becky Poore don’t have to be the keepers of knowledge. The students have all of the tools they need in the free-choice environment of their Colorado FUSE studio.

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Matthew Kerr

Bartender Trades in Taps and Glasses for Tech Career

Matthew Kerr liked bartending well enough, but he wanted a career that offered benefits as well as a bright future. IT-Ready equipped him with the knowledge he needed to break into IT.

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Students Talking

5 Ways IT-Ready QA Is Preparing the Best in Software Testers

The first class of software testers from IT-Ready QA are getting jobs. How is IT-Ready prepping these students for their new jobs?

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Albert Lee

Moving on Up, Thanks to IT-Ready

Frustrated by a lack of professional advancement in his previous career, IT-Ready grad Albert Lee finds IT offers ample room for growth for tech workers.

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Portland Graduation Speaker

Build Camaraderie in Training, Extend it to Your Career

Our latest IT-Ready class graduated in Portland, and from the camaraderie shown at graduation, it seemed as if these students had known each other for years rather than eight weeks. With such camaraderie, comes immense support that will extend into their new tech careers.

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