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July 2016



Men and Women Together for One Common Goal

men and women

The common theme from the Spring 2016 IT-Ready class in Minnesota was change. While it was difficult for most of the students to reach a decision that their lives needed a change, they stuck together and found success within each other.


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Skilled IT Workers Turning To Soft Skills for Career Advancement

Skilled IT

Employers of IT talent in all industry verticals consistently point to a job candidate’s professional skills as a key to hiring, advancing pay, and promotions. With PrepareU, an IT professional can leverage the full value of their CompTIA certifications.


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CompTIA’s SEC Council Offers Philanthropic Support to Space-Related Educational Nonprofits


Council elects to support the Women in Aerospace Foundation and Federation of Galaxy Explorers with its philanthropy funds.



Ninety Percent of IT-Ready Graduates Still Employed After One Year


The Creating IT Futures Foundation reported that 90 percent of its IT-Ready certified graduates in the Twin Cities over the past four years were still employed in the information technology (IT) industry one year after leaving the program.


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Preparation Is Key to Successful Employment Interviews


Career placement advisers working with IT-Ready graduates compile ‘best practices’ recommendations for making the best possible impression during a job interview.


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Grouping Women Working Within Disproportionately Male Fields May Position Them for Greater Success


On a recent episode of “Morning Edition,” National Public Radio’s social science correspondent, Shankar Vedantam, examined a study from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst that looked into why women drop out of predominantly male fields, like engineering and math.


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Utilizing LinkedIn for Your Job Search


More companies are encouraging candidates to apply for jobs on LinkedIn due to the social giant’s popularity and ease of use, which makes its job search and recruitment tools some of its most valuable assets.


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The Creating IT Futures Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charity, was established in 1998 by CompTIA, the global IT industry association, as a way to help people improve their lives through IT careers. 

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