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Women are a growing force in the IT industry. Creating IT Futures celebrates the people and organizaitons who contribute to the growth of gender equality in the tech workforce.

March 2018

TechGirlz Celebrates 10,000 Girls and Counting

TechGirlz has helped thousands of middle school age girls get interested in technology — 10,000 to be exact, a milestone the organization celebrated by holding 10 TechShopz events across the country.

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IT-Ready Alum Serves as Everyday Ambassador for Women of Color Succeeding in the Tech Industry

Now with five years of IT industry experience under her belt, IT-Ready alum Ngina Baggett sees nothing but advancement opportunities ahead of her.

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Giving Back A Thousand Fold

Helping tech industry executives with their philanthropic efforts, CompTIA’s Tech Leaders Giving Circle donates $1000 to each charity named by a Giving Circle member.

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CompTIA Member Communities Contribute to Black Tech Mecca and Girl Develop It

Two CompTIA member communities are financially supporting charities that encourage women and ethnic minorities to pursue information technology careers.

Stephanie Hasz

I'm a Technologist, Too: Meet Comedian & Festival Producer Stephanie Hasz

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Stephanie, the stand-up technologist. Stephanie WHO? Find out in this profile from our series: “I’m a Technologist, Too”

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CompTIAWorld Looks at How New Tech Will Affect Jobs

The third issue of CompTIAWorld magazine, just published, looks at new and evolving technology and how it’s changing the way we live and do business. The features this issue explore AI, automation and the future of jobs; CompTIA members innovating with new tech; young students getting an early start on careers in STEM via toy robots; and more. Read it all here!

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The IT Workforce Charity of CompTIA

Creating IT Futures, a 501(c)(3) charity, was established in 1998 by CompTIA, the global IT industry association, as a way to help people improve their lives through IT careers.


Our Mission

We help populations that are under-represented in IT and individuals who are lacking in opportunity to prepare for, secure and be successful in IT careers.

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