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June 22, 2015

‘The sky’s the limit’ when it comes to an IT career

How far you take your IT career depends entirely upon you, says Mario Cadet, manager of support systems at ASI System Integration.  

“The sky’s the limit,” he said. “How far you go depends on each individual, how much you want to learn. You never stop learning in IT.”

Cadet would know — he began his own IT career as a front-line technician. From that role, he moved up to lead technician and then supervisor before accepting his current position.

“IT is very rewarding,” he said. “It’s hard for me to predict how my day is going to be. But my day goes fast because I am busy — moving, answering phone calls and emails, back and forth. But I love it. My favorite parts of the day are managing people, interaction with clients, and solving problems.”

Cadet’s perspective is part of a video series sponsored by CompTIA , the IT industry association, and its philanthropic arm, the Creating IT Futures Foundation.

For people considering IT as a new career path, the video series is intended to show the wide range of positions available within the industry — as well as the types of skills employees need to have. Cadet, for example, says his willingness to learn and take on new work challenges has advanced his career.

Statistics show that as many as 620,000 IT-related jobs went unfilled in 2014 because of a lack of qualified candidates. IT careers offer stability, flexibility and unlimited potential — plus salaries well above the national median wage, which is great for families.

Hear Cadet’s story — as well as those of other IT professionals — by visiting the Creating IT Future Foundation’s Youtube “Test Drive” playlist.