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October 14, 2019

TechGirlz creates cybersecurity warriors

Cyber attacks, hackings, data breaches – words that can strike fear for families and businesses alike.


And with good reason. According to the nonprofit Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, nearly 25 million data records have been breached thus far in 2019, with more than 10 billion breaches since 2005.


It’s no wonder the field of cybersecurity is booming, with the number of cybersecurity analyst jobs expected to increase 32 percent between now and 2028, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.


TechGirlz, a program operated by Creating IT Futures, is doing its part toimage001 (1) create more cybersecurity warriors by offering training programs in cybersecurity and other tech-related topics to middle-school-age girls, encouraging them to acquire technical skills early and begin thinking like technologists – people who love solving problems for others using technology.


TechGirlz’ mission is to inspire middle-school girls to explore tech jobs as outlets for their passion for problem-solving that will empower their future careers. Workshops TechGirlz created took off like wildfire. Within a year, they were booked solid.


To reach even more girls, TechGirlz packaged workshop materials in one-off workshops called TechShopz in a Box™ and made them available free. TechShopz in a Box™ provide parents, teachers and other mentors with free plans, documents and guides needed to run fun, hands-on workshops anytime and anywhere.


Topics of Techshopz in a Box™ run the gamut. But for those interested in the growing field of cybersecurity, TechShopz offer the following:

  • Cybersecurity Basics: How to Manage Cyber Risks

    Students learn why cybersecurity is important and the practices and tools that can help people and organizations protect critical information. The students conduct exercises to examine some of the technology that is used to help protect computer systems and networks. Students participate in online simulations showing how experts evaluate and manage cybersecurity risk.

  • Intro to Encryption: How to Protect Your Information

    This workshop teaches girls how to protect private information and what kind of information should be protected while exploring encryption. Using substitution ciphers, students encrypt and decrypt messages and make their own ciphers and codes. A combination of pen-and-paper exercises and online exercises are used in this workshop.

  • Cyber Stalking: How to Keep Your Personal Information Safe

    In this workshop students explore Recon-ng, a free information-gathering tool that runs on Kali Linux, which can be used to stalk companies and individuals. By understanding how these tools work, students can take precautions to improve their own privacy and online footprint.

    To see the full list of Techshopz in a Box™ workshops available, or to download one, click here.


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