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October 26, 2012

Helping Them Look Forward

Melanie always knew she was good with technology, even if others assumed that being a woman was some sort of technology handicap .  

“I get really mad when I go shopping for electronics and guys talk down to me and act like I don't know what I'm talking about,” she says.

She then reached down deep for the confidence to pursue a career in technology. Today, thanks to her hard work and the IT-Ready Apprentice Program, she’s working in a full-time paid IT job leading others on projects.  

The IT-Ready program — which graduated 95 percent of its participants and saw 90 percent of its graduates go on to certifications and full-time apprenticeships or jobs — is just one way that the Creating IT Futures Foundation has stepped forward in 2012 to help the industry make a difference in people’s lives and the industry.

In 2012, CompTIA Member Communities helped distribute more than $100,000 of our foundation’s dollars to over 25 tech charities worldwide. Recipients included the Year Up urban youth project and Genesys Works, which helps disadvantaged youth prepare for and land year-long IT internships their senior year of high school.

This year, Creating IT Futures along with CompTIA’s TechVoice steered $70,000 to 14 state technology associations to fund STEM (Science - Engineering - Technology - Mathematics) initiatives in their states.

“The IT industry is often viewed as a world of gadgetry and computer code,” said Colleen Attwell, development director for Creating IT Futures. “Those things may be the tools of the trade, but they aren’t the heart of the profession. IT is a helping profession, and IT businesses and workers are very generous in their communities. We see this in CompTIA’s Member Communities as well as from companies and their workers themselves.”

Attwell cites companies such as Pearson VUE, Intronis, IT Definitive, Trend Micro , and Xerox that raise awareness and funds for Creating IT Futures through special events and initiatives.

A number of other companies such as SkillSoft, The Training Associates and ExamForce have provided in-kind donations of training and test preparation.

Meanwhile, dozens of individuals have made donations to the Creating IT Futures Foundation through our website or by adding an additional donation to registration for CompTIA’s annual AMM and Breakaway conferences.

Attwell points to a number of ways to get involved:
  1. Make a donation in any amount.
  2. Sponsor an IT-Ready participant.
  3. Be an IT-Ready Mentor.
  4. Ask your company to make a donation.
  5. Subscribe to the Star Power Enewsletter.
  6. Make an in-kind donation for IT-Ready (computer tool kits, anti-static wrist-straps, flash drives, etc.).
  7. Share Star Power with someone you know in the industry.
  8. Donate a used cell phone for recycling.
  9. “Like” our Facebook page; follow us on Twitter; and join our LinkedIn Group.
Visit the Creating IT Futures website or contact Colleen Attwell at to learn more.