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June 14, 2021

First class of 2021 graduates from CompTIA Tech Career Academy

CompTIA Tech Career Academy — CompTIA Tech for short — recently graduated its first IT-Ready Technical Support program students of 2021, and these 12 graduates are ready to launch their IT careers.


The mission of CompTIA Tech, a nonprofit subsidiary of Creating IT Futures, is to help adults land jobs and grow successful careers in information technology. The IT-Ready Technical Support program within CompTIA Tech trains individuals for CompTIA A+ certification and connects them with potential employers.


IT-Ready especially welcomes people of color, women and veterans, as all of these populations are under-represented within the tech industry.


This graduating online class hailed from various cities throughout the Midwest and Carolinas and included people from a variety of other industries, such as transportation, office management, food service, personal care, and retail and education. Many of those industries have been hit hard by the pandemic.


A move to IT couldn’t happen at a better time for these graduates, as trained technologists are especially in high demand. Despite a downturn in employment in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S.  Bureau of Labor projects employment in computer and information technology occupations to grow 11 percent from 2019 to 2029, much faster than the average for all occupations.


Simply put, CompTIA Tech is putting people back to work.


Creating IT Futures is excited to tout the success of the program


A career services team meets with students on day one of training and coaches them throughout the 16 weeks on résumés, LinkedIn profiles, mock interviews and career fairs. They get to know each student personally and help them make connections with potential employers.


Graduate Horace Yim credits résumé preparation and mock interviews with helping him prepare for meeting with employers.


“The professionally revised technical résumé highlighted the skill sets, education, experiences, and certifications that are important to employers and have drawn the attention of recruiters,” said Yim. “I was well-prepared to confidently speak with employers and to discuss my experiences, skill sets and technical knowledge during the interviews. That confidence and preparation have contributed to multiple offers of employment.”


According to graduate Sabryna-Joi King-Bell, the 16 weeks of classes were key in helping her prepare for her IT career.


“The overall CompTIA experience has been excellent,” King-Bell said. “This is my official launch into the IT industry, and I believe CompTIA has prepared me.”


Businesses can support CompTIA Tech


Employers looking for motivated and knowledgeable individuals to fill vacancies can find them from CompTIA Tech. Graduates have proven technical skills that make them ideal employees for call centers, help desks and desktop support roles in IT.


The IT-Ready Technical Support program trains students who have little-to-no information technology experience and gives them technical and soft skills to launch new IT careers.


Students in the program prepare for the CompTIA A+ certification exam, one of the leading industry certifications for landing a job on an IT help desk and launching a tech career. They also learn additional valuable business skills including teamwork, customer service, and communication skills, and they receive career services to connect to our network of 100+ employer partners.


Businesses that hire CompTIA Tech graduates will gain dedicated and diverse employees for their entry-level openings. In addition to hiring graduates, businesses can support the nonprofit by offering career insight to students and providing financial assistance so more students can enroll. Learn more here.


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