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April 24, 2017

Motivating Factors In Workforce Development

By Tom Liszka

AhmedMSo far in the weekly Faces of Workforce Development showcase, we have seen a construction career turn into a passion for IT and how building confidence through workforce development programs can lead to IT career success. Now, let’s read how Ahmed Mohamed, motivated by his family, found IT-Ready and a new technology career.

“It all started with my mother. She saw an ad at the Brian Coyle Center about IT-Ready and pushed me to consider the program. It’s all about what motivates you. For me, that’s my family.

“Be passionate about what you do, and put effort into bettering yourself. Don’t give up, even when the odds are stacked against you, because giving up is easy to do.

“I feel like I have another family outside of my actual family when I am here [at Fairview Health Services]. I know Fairview is in my best interest. The team atmosphere at IT-Ready prepared me to become a team player on the Fairview IT team. I constantly ask myself, ‘How can I make the team better?’

“I am excited to advance my career. The resources that IT-Ready helped align personifies my mantra ‘you get out of it what you put in.’”

Mohamed currently works on the Endpoint Project Execution Team at Fairview Health Services.

Not all success stories start with certification and end in IT. Some stories take time to evolve and lead to new career opportunities outside of tech. That’s why, next week on the Showcase, we’re focused on completing the career mission.