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June 19, 2018

Second Edition of Charles Eaton’s “T in STEM” Guidebook for Parents Released

Creating IT Futures releases Second Edition of Charles Eaton’s popular “T in STEM” guidebook


Little more than a year after Creating IT Futures released CEO Charles Eaton’s first book, How to Launch Your Teen’s Career in Technology: A Parent’s Guide to the T in STEM Education the organization announced today that all books from the first printing were sold or distributed and an updated, second edition is available now.

Charles Eaton


“People who succeed in technology are problem solvers who care about other people and the overall quality of their lives,” said Eaton, who also is executive vice president, social innovation, for CompTIA, the parent organization of Creating IT Futures. “The earlier we can develop and support an interest in tech careers in this next generation of young people, the stronger our industry will become and the more our economy will grow.”


While Eaton is a regular contributing columnist to publications such as G.I. Jobs, Recruiter Today and ITSP Magazine, T in STEM is his first full book. The guide supports CompTIA’s NextUp initiative to interest teens in tech careers.


"Funded by CompTIA and managed by Creating IT Futures, NextUp aims to spark curiosity and passion for technology in teens," said Todd Thibodeaux, CEO, CompTIA, who wrote the foreword for T in STEM.


“It’s tempting to see educators and technical trainers as the answer to launching your teen’s career in technology,” Thibodeaux added. “But the secret isn’t just creating curriculum but creating inspiration. And not just in children, but in parents, too.”


Eaton elaborated on Thibodeaux’s point: “Our research, Teen Views on Tech Careers, shows that, in terms of advice on college and careers, teens rely on parents 2-to-1 over any other source, including teachers and friends.” In line with these findings, Eaton provides parents and other readers with practical counsel and resources in the T in STEM guide:

  • Defining the role of a “technologist” in varied businesses and industries at companies large and small around the globe.
  • Busting seven common myths about technology careers, such as “Technology is all about coding and math” and “To work in technology, you need a four-year college degree.”
  • Scoping the level and depth of opportunity in the tech-related job market, an industry with more than half a million open positions in the U.S. at any given time.
  • Providing pointers for recognizing traits in young students that suggest they will succeed in technology careers.
  • Identifying “educational pathways”, such as makerspaces and boot camps, where motivated parents can place their tweens and teens today that will prepare them for tomorrow – and deliver some fun and entertainment in the meantime.
  • Introducing readers to an array of diverse people working as technologists today, who followed a variety of paths to success.


The T in STEM second edition also will be available on Kindle, and a new Spanish-language version of the book will be available in July. Also, the organization’s companion podcast, Technologist Talk made its formal debut this month.


Later this month, Creating IT Futures’ partner organization, the Technology Student Association, will distribute copies of T in STEM at its national conference. In addition, the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) will make the book available through its publication Library Journal, as well as additional newsletters it distributes, and will showcase T in STEM at its booth at the ALA Conference in New Orleans, June 21-28.


Parents, educators and students in middle school through high school may place orders for print or Kindle versions of the guide here. Order the Spanish version here. Readers may submit reviews of the book on Amazon, or email Inspiring Success blog contributor Celine Dirkes at


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