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March 25, 2019

What's It Like to Work in IT? The Scoop from IT Pros

Are you wondering what technology culture is like for people working in IT careers? We've interviewed a few IT pros to help you get a better understanding of what their day-to-day jobs are like and their experience of working in technology in general. If you're wondering, “What career is right for me?” our interviews with these IT professionals may help you decide that a career in IT is right for you.


Name: Bonnie Brennan
Job Title: Angular Architect and Google Developer


What do you do?

JavaScript development and architecture, with a focus on Angular and enterprise


What do your kids think you do? What do your friends think you do? What does your family think you do?

My daughter works with me as a junior developer, so she knows what I do, and my son thinks I'm the best Angular developer in Houston, and I let him think that!

They think I do everything computer related. I don't think they know. Anything that's related to computers, they think I do – fixing them, programming them, etc.

They think I write code. I don't think they know anything about my career except that I write code, and they're not really sure what kind of code I write or what I do with it.


How'd you get into this role?

I like emerging technology. I like a challenge. I like learning the latest cool stuff. The web development industry is always going to be changing, and that's exciting. I happened to stumble across Angular at the serendipitous time and have sort of become a subject-matter expert because I stuck with it.


A few years ago, when I first started learning Angular, it was very new, and there weren't that many resources to help me learn. Starting an Angular Meetup and working with other developers helped me become an expert.


As a junior developer, a lot of what you learn can be self-taught, but, as a senior developer, there's only so much you can learn on your own. I think it's essential for senior developers to get involved in the community and learn from each other.


Developers benefit so much from things like working with open source and talking to other developers. A lot of developers are self-taught, but you're going to get to a point where you can't grow anymore on your own. You have to start branching out and learning things from other developers.


A lot of software developers struggle with that, getting out, and it has to do with confidence. They think, “I don't want to contribute to open source not because I don't need help but because I'm worried I'm not good enough.” The only way I was able to get involved was to not take myself too seriously. Don't worry about being an expert. Just participate, and you can learn so much.


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