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January 26, 2017

PrepareU alumni report increased employment, higher wages

Graduates of PrepareU in 2016 reported significantly increased employment within six months of completing the program, as well as higher wages.

And 100 percent of the graduates said they would recommend PrepareU to a friend or colleague.

PrepareU is a relatively new free training program sponsored by Creating IT Futures, CompTIA’s largest IT charity. Developed in 2016, the program is a classroom-based course designed to provide career skills for today’s tech worker. PrepareU helps IT workers land the jobs they desire and gives them better tools to achieve pay raises and promotions.

“Employers of IT talent — in all industry verticals — consistently point to a job candidate’s professional soft skills as key to hiring and advancing in pay and promotions,” said Eric Larson, senior director of /researching-solutions/it-futures-labs">IT Futures Labs at Creating IT Futures. “Many IT workers have the required hard technical skills, but would welcome more finely honed interpersonal skills to impress an employer in a job interview and help them succeed on the job.”

Other key takeaways from the recent survey included:
  • 89 percent of graduates reported being employed in IT positions.
  • 83 percent reported regularly using the communication and social styles information learned in class.
  • 42 percent reported making more than $50,000 annually (compared to 25 percent prior to PrepareU).
Skills covered in the class include developing your personal brand and elevator pitch; perfecting your resume and job interviewing skills; developing a team-player attitude; understanding the role of social styles; using active-listening; and being persuasive.

PrepareU is conducting several more pilot courses in 2017 to see how it can help tech workers prepare for and enhance their careers in the IT field.

A charitable arm of CompTIA, the world’s largest IT trade association, Creating IT Futures is a 501(c)(3) charity with the mission of helping populations under-represented in the IT industry and individuals lacking in opportunity to prepare for, secure and be successful in IT careers. Organizations who wish to bring PrepareU to their company or classroom should contact Eric Larson.