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June 10, 2020

Tech Job Market Remains Strong During Pandemic

Unemployment in the U.S. just passed the 40 million mark, a number we would never have contemplated before the Pandemic. While the tech industry isn’t immune from job losses, the CompTIA Monthly IT Employment Tracker reported there were 270,000 open tech jobs in April, with 20,000 being help desk positions.


During a recent video discussion with Julian Alvarez, Commissioner, representing Texas Workforce Commission; Dale Robertson, Director, Workforce Initiatives with the Texas Workforce Commission and Mardy Leathers, Director, Workforce Development, State of Missouri, Charles Eaton, CEO of Creating IT Futures acknowledged there was a dip in job openings in March and April. But, he believes that certain sectors of the tech industry as a whole will weather this down turn fairly well.


“We’re going to see some areas dip and some areas increase,” Eaton stated. “About 46 percent of IT jobs are in tech organizations such as Apple and Oracle while the remaining 54% are at banks, healthcare companies and hospitals. “There is this whole world of tech occupations that exist outside the tech sector. So, if those sectors aren’t doing well there could be a drop. If you’re a company that is servicing the tech needs of a dental practice, you don’t have any work right now, but if you are servicing the needs of a hospital I’m sure you’re busier than ever.”


Despite the challenges, Eaton remains optimistic. “The numbers aren’t fully in yet obviously because we’ve only had a few weeks of the pandemic to measure things. But, I think on the whole what we’re seeing, when I talk to employers, is a lot of interest in moving things online.”


CompTIA education programs, including its Custom Training offerings, had been online prior to the pandemic. The big unknown, according to Eaton is what it will look like for the long run. He expects cloud and tech support jobs to be in high demand because so many people are using these services.


“I think it’s still a fantastic time to get into the industry and as much as any industry this one will be able to weather the storm,” he concluded.