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August 22, 2018

IT-Ready Students Exchange Sacrifice with Success

By Chad Green

This month wrapped up the finale chapter for the summer’s Twin Cities IT-Ready class. With students anticipating their CompTIA A+ certification results, they flipped their attention to graduation day.


Upon receiving their IT-Ready certificates, students shared pains and appreciations that shaped their outlook on the IT-Ready program. A topic they all shared was the honor of making sacrifices to become IT-Ready.


IT-Ready graduate Suah Yango spoke of the trials he’s faced making his graduation day far more special. He mentioned, “Doing this was one of the hardest things for me to do, mostly because of the sacrifice of leaving my previous job to come here, then spending eight hours in class and commuting home. At first, I thought I could make it doing two jobs, but then I realized I was only getting two hours of rest. So, I quit.”


With Yango’s aspirations in perspective, the full-time class hours weren’t the only trial he faced. “I’ve always wanted to get into IT, but it never worked out. Traveling and being in the army made it hard. Now here today, I have the opportunity to start over, and there’s nothing more I could say but thank you all for giving me a second chance.”


Another graduate Edwin Columbres explained how IT-Ready will benefit him going forward. Columbres said, “IT-Ready has provided an entirely new perspective on my life and the whole IT industry. I’ve really gained more knowledge and confidence now and even enhanced my critical thinking when trouble shooting. The hardest parts of the program for me was attending classes and working my current job. But I overcame it because I really needed this program. IT is my passion”


IMG_1385Following the ceremony, to cap off these students’ commitment and dedication throughout the eight weeks of IT-Ready, they received the opportunity to build their professional networks by meeting with industry employers face to face. This class’ career fair featured City of MinneapolisCorporate TechnologiesDecision OneDiversantHealthPartnersOur Family WizardOutsellThomson Reuters and Virteva.


Bree Dalager, a recruiting coordinator from the City of Minneapolis, talked about the importance of the IT-Ready program and how it benefits them as employers. “At the City of Minneapolis, we are facing what we call the silver tsunami, meaning about 40 percent of our workforce is eligible to retire in the next five years. This is something that everyone is facing as the Boomers retire. So, IT-Ready is fantastic for us, because people can get their CompTIA A+ certifications while meeting our minimal qualifications for our entry-level jobs. Then from there, they can go anywhere within our IT department.”


For these graduates of IT-Ready opening a new chapter in their lives, the road ahead looks brighter than ever.


Special thanks to the career fair employer participants for supporting IT-Ready and this recent cohort of graduates. Employers who wish to hire our graduates in the Twin Cities should contact Kate Kirschner, employer relationship manager for Creating IT Futures.