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April 18, 2013

When Possibilities are Endless

Looking at the jobs she’s held, it’s apparent that Rachel Hopkins enjoys helping people.

She’s managed a dry cleaner, operated an apartment complex, and supervised staff in a call center.

But somehow, each of those positions lacked a certain….something.

“It wasn’t that my previous jobs weren’t satisfying,” she said. “It’s just that I found myself searching for a job that not only would be professionally rewarding, but personally rewarding as well.”

That’s when Hopkins learned about IT-Ready. The field of information technology had interested her for some time, so the prospect of free training and a follow-up apprenticeship proved too appealing to pass up. She applied and was accepted.

“Then, during the first week of the program, when we all realized this wasn’t some scam, that’s when IT-Ready really knocked my socks off,” she said. “We learned that an individual – or group of people – had already invested several thousand dollars into the success of each one of us, even though we were perfect strangers to IT-Ready and CompTIA. We received an A+ education that truly prepared all of us for a career in IT.”
During her eight weeks of IT-Ready education, Hopkins said she developed a strong rapport with her instructor and fellow classmates that made learning fun.

“The instructor made himself available to us off-hours to answer questions via email, phone and text messages,” she said. “I got into the habit of showing up early. It was nice to hang out with my classmates in the morning and get to know one another. We studied hard, and weren’t afraid to ask questions.”

Hopkins now works for Pomeroy. The company provides managed IT infrastructure services, professional and staffing services, and procurement and logistics services to Fortune 500 corporations, global outsourcers and public-sector organizations worldwide.

Now working on-site at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center as a project analyst, Hopkins ensures that new IT hardware and software purchases will meet the needs of staff who help support doctors, nurses and patients.

“I can have an educated discussion with my peers,” she said. “Given the position I’m in, knowledge is important.”

Besides teaching technical skills she applies in her job, IT-Ready taught her something even more valuable, Hopkins said – that her possibilities are endless.

“IT-Ready opened the door for me,” she said. “It’s up to me to further my education – largely through IT-Ready’s CompTIA Network+, Server+ and Security+ – and to further my career. But no matter what I do, it will involve helping people.”