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NextUp partners with the FUSE program at Northwestern University to expand and enrich STEAM learning, with particular attention to IT concepts and skills, for students in middle and high school.


FUSE is a STEAM (STEM plus Arts & Design) education program that facilitates student exploration and learning through hands-on, interest-driven challenges inspired by real-world STEM and design practices. FUSE currently has challenges in areas such as robotics, electronics, biotechnology, 3D design and printing, architecture, and graphic arts, to name a few. In FUSE, students work in a studio-like environment, learn through ‘making’, and develop 21st century skills such as problem solving, persistence, and communication.


NextUp is working with FUSE on two areas:

  1. Challenge Development: We’re collaborating to build three IT-focused challenges designed to expose youth to various IT professions and career pathways in fun and engaging ways and involve CompTIA members and IT professionals in challenge design and development. The IT challenges are available in the FUSE Studio network that includes more than 200 Studios, reaching more than 10,000 students each year.
  2. FUSE Studios for Schools: CompTIA is funding more than 30 new FUSE Studios at schools around the country. Check the list of 2017 grant winners and the list of 2018 grant winners to see if a school near you has a CompTIA-funded studio.


Check out how kids at a school in Oregon are learning about STEAM through FUSE.