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March 30, 2020

How Technology Educators Teach for the “Jobs of the Future” by Modeling “Lifelong Learning” for Students

When teaching today’s students how to prepare for successful careers working with technology, “We have to normalize being a lifelong learner,” Amy Kardel, CompTIA’s and Creating IT Futures’ Vice President, Strategic Workforce Relationships, says during a recent guest appearance on the Ed Tech Club podcast in an episode titled “Teaching for the Jobs of the Future.”


Teachers can model lifelong learning skills beyond class time, Kardel elaborates for podcast host and blogger Andrew Roush, by supporting clubs like Creating IT Futures’ partner the Technology Student Association (TSA) as business “leadership opportunities.”


“In [the tech business], you’re always going to be teaching yourself something,” Kardel explains.


Kardel advocates that technology educators foster a narrative about thriving in tech careers that she summarizes as “I found fulfillment because, when I was working in technology, I was helping solve problems… I was helping people. It always comes back to people.”


The Ed Tech Club podcast is produced by TCEA, the Texas Computer Education Association, a 40-year-old organization of more than 28,000 professional educators teaching technical or tech-supported curricula from pre-kindergarten programs through high school and into college.


Roush invited Kardel to join the podcast as programs and partnerships supported by CompTIA and Creating IT Futures align with TCEA’s mission to advance “teaching and learning through the use of technology.”


During her conversation with Roush, Kardel stressed, reinforced and touted many of the stories related to technology education shared by our influential blog, Inspiring Success, and award-winning podcast, Technologist Talk, during recent months:

  • CompTIA Offers Middle and High School Teachers Free IT Certification Opportunity 

    “We’d love to see more teachers upskill” their technical acumen through IT certifications, asserts Kardel. “That’s a way to model that lifelong learning” for students.

    Through Creating IT Futures, CompTIA offers its IT Fundamentals (ITF+) eBook and certification voucher free of charge to middle and high school teachers involved in STEM education and other curricula. This offer is part of a dedicated effort to help teachers learn more about IT and apply that knowledge to their classrooms and their careers.

  • Soft Skills as Important as Technical Skills in 2020 IT Job Trend Forecasts

    “If we want to advance, engage and prepare students for the future, we need to talk about [business] ‘soft skills,’ too,” Kardel emphasizes.

    Research and reports by authorities such as LinkedIn and the global human resources firm Robert Half Technology list in-demand technical skills needed for IT jobs but also stress business acumen – such as strong written and verbal skills, strategic thinking, time management and the ability to collaborate.

    Kardel calls this cluster of capabilities “employability skills” that promote “situationally aware” practices such as cost/benefit analysis.