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April 17, 2017

Eaton’s First Book Captures Glowing Reviews

By R.C. Dirkes, Contributing Editor to Inspiring Success

T-in-STEM-coverA little more than a month has passed since /about-us/staff/charles-eaton">Charles Eaton, executive vice president, social innovation, for CompTIA, and CEO of Creating IT Futures, released his first book Launching Your Teen’s Career in Technology: A Parent’s Guide to the T in STEM Education. Now, early reviews laud the guide as a “useful, informative and helpful piece of work,” and compliment Eaton’s writing as “friendly, positive, helpful and encouraging.”

"I feel compelled to give it a ringing endorsement," wrote Ed Tittel, a freelance writer and technology trainer who contributed a review to Tom’s IT Pro. “Most parents will find the book a worthwhile outlay… especially if they’re searching for information and ammunition to stoke a teen’s interest in a technology career.”

“[Charles Eaton] is friendly, positive, helpful and encouraging throughout the book,” Tittel penned. “[The book’s] 96 pages are chock-full of photos, diagrams, graphs and other visual elements, and makes a quick read for parents and teens alike.”

About the first chapter, in which Eaton busts seven myths surrounding careers in technology, Tittel concluded: “The explosion of these myths and the truths that refute them are engaging and fun to read, and likely to resonate with teens as well.” (To read Eaton’s 7-part “Bust the Tech Myths” blog series, click here.)

Overall, Tittel found T in STEM to be a “useful, informative and helpful piece of work.”

Paul Katz, who shared a review on, suggested “this book should be present in career centers, libraries and schools across the country.”

“Both parents and teens should give this one a read,” Katz wrote.

Another Amazon reviewer called T in STEM “terrific and practical… It’s a guide I’m putting into practice.”

An Amazon reviewer who goes by the handle LifeLetters was impressed by how the book features people working in technology today, a group Eaton refers to as “technologists.”

“There are many terrific profiles in the book of successful and diverse tech professionals, making it clear that this is a field for all types of people with all kinds of interests,” LifeLetters remarked.

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T in STEM is available to our blog readers at a 10-percent discount. Visit and enter BLOG17 as the coupon code. Give Eaton’s guide a look. (It’s a “quick read” with “great insights” per one Amazon customer.) And please share your thoughts on Amazon, too.

Contributing Editor R.C. Dirkes is a business consultant, technology journalist and father of two kids – one a junior in high school, the other a junior in college.