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May 19, 2016

Newest IT-Ready Students Get Career Advice

MN ClassCreating IT Futures has placed more than 220 unemployed and underemployed people into IT careers in the Twin Cities since 2012 through its /developing-programs/it-ready">IT-Ready program. Creating IT Futures’ CEO Charles Eaton along with Gretchen Koch, executive director, workforce strategies, Creating IT Futures, spoke to the 14th and 15th classes of IT-Ready students in the Twin Cities this month. The 14th class is a women-only class taught at EMERGE in North Minneapolis. The 15th class is a co-ed class (50/50 men and women) taught at Creating IT Futures’ Edina office.

“The all-women class is comprised of some really amazing individuals who see IT-Ready as their ticket back to employment doing something they really enjoy. The employers who get these ladies into their organizations after the program will be delighted! And, the just-started co-ed class in Edina has shining stars as well,” said Koch.

Koch mentioned to the classes how women are well-suited to IT jobs. Traditionally women are multi-taskers, collaborators and communicators – all are key aptitudes for IT help desk workers.

Both classes asked Eaton and Koch if IT jobs are moving more overseas. Eaton responded, “Out-shoring of IT jobs has peaked out and in many cases is re-shoring back to the U.S.”

Koch added that 85 percent of help desk jobs can be completed over the phone, but the other 15 percent need a warm body to provide physical help. There is a still a robust need for IT help desk workers in the U.S., and the number of open IT job postings keeps increasing.

Some of the students were worried that they still wouldn’t be able to get jobs without college degrees. But part of the allure of IT-Ready, is that Creating IT Futures works with local employers to overlook the need for college degrees for some IT jobs, as certified IT-Ready graduates are ready to work at IT help desk jobs on the first day of hire. Eaton said, “Employers typically point back to IT-Ready graduates as having the best work attitude and attendance.”

Eaton encouraged the students to work hard throughout the class and on the job once they’re placed into employment. “You’re our best ambassadors,” said Eaton. “Our employers like Atomic Data, HealthPartners, GED Testing Service and others continue to come back to IT-Ready for new hires because of the success of the previous graduates already working at those companies.”