Introduce Your Students to the Amazing World of IT!


The CyberPrep Explore course curriculum will bring tech education to younger students through the context of emerging technologies. We’ll help you explore technology by using some of today’s most headline-grabbing topics including Big Data, Automated Vehicles, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Health and Blockchain.


The curriculum will include a rich mixture of modes, from classroom and online labs to play-on-demand videos, to self-study modules. The program does not require a classroom teacher to have IT industry knowledge and lecture on IT topics; rather, any teacher with a minimum level of professional development or mini-facilitator certification provided by CompTIA will feel confident to act as a facilitator and encourager to learning.


This exploration will be buttressed by computing principles that get the student ready for CyberPrep ITF+, our high school curriculum model.


CyberPrep Explore is designed for any middle school (or early high school) that wants to bring IT learning into its classrooms. The curriculum may be run daily or weekly for one or two semesters. Suggested short-, medium-, and long-form schedules are provided, providing variability for how middle schools make time for IT learning.

Bring the CyberPrep Explore Curriculum to Your School!


If you’d like to partner with Creating IT Futures to provide our innovative tech education directly to your middle school students, connect with us today. We can help you open your student’s eyes to tech careers, regardless of their experience in technology!

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