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As the leading charity of CompTIA, the world’s largest IT industry association, Creating IT Futures opens doors to the possibilities in technology. Every day we provide opportunities for youth and adults to learn, grow and thrive as technologists of the future. We create on-ramps for people to prepare for, secure and succeed in IT careers. We particularly encourage an IT path for populations that traditionally have been under-represented in the information technology workforce, such as women, people of color and veterans.




New Challenges = New Approaches

Creating IT Futures is expanding our programs to attract those individuals looking for new opportunities in the wake 
of COVID-19 and its effect on the economy and seek to work with organizations across the U.S. to bring long-term tech opportunities to displaced workers, students in need, and others looking to transition to a more secure career in IT.

Adult Technology Training

Through CompTIA Tech Academy and our Custom Training group, we make IT training scalable, affordable and accessible for underrepresented populations and those looking for better career options through employment in IT. We know so many industries have been impacted – from hospitality to service – and IT has a strong historical track record for job availability as well as better opportunities at all levels, even during difficult economic times. There is tremendous potential for us to bring stable career options to adults who are undergoing displacement because of COVID-19 through the expansion of our adult programs.


TechGirlz workshops and summer camps are in high demand — especially now, while school systems and educators are unable to deliver consistent STEM content. We’ve transitioned everything to be able to be delivered virtually, which has been a major shift, and we will continue to expand those offerings to reach more girls. This transition is crucial, and we rely on volunteers and funding support from our partners so that the girls can continue to enjoy these programs free of charge.

Your support is needed to continue the expansion of both our adult and youth programs. Donations underwrite tuition, expand programming and enable necessary support for students and instructors. We’re looking for new corporate sponsors, so contact us today to discuss how you can become a part of any of these programs.


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