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February 8, 2016

Creating IT Futures Supports New Veterans Computer Resource Guide

By Charles Eaton

Since our founding in 1998, the Creating IT Futures Foundation has been strongly committed to helping veterans move into rewarding civilian careers.

IT is a great fit for former military personnel who possess skills our industry values and desires — such as teamwork, critical thinking and problem solving. Veterans are familiar with working successfully within formal operational structures, but they also can adapt quickly when workplace dynamics change. And they’re loyal, a character trait of which our highly competitive and often transient industry could use.

Yet we know veterans continue to face challenges when it comes to transitioning to civilian IT careers. Which is where our Foundation tries to help — by removing the barriers that prohibit capable people from securing rewarding IT positions.

To that end, Creating IT Futures is proud to support an impressive effort by the National Cristina Foundation to help veterans with basic computer operations.

The good folks at Cristina have created a comprehensive clearinghouse of information and resources to make computers more accessible to veterans. Called the Veterans Computer Resource Guide, this compiled information has been clearly defined by categories. Some address skills-based needs, such as basic computer operation or working with numbers. Other resources help veterans with executive functioning skills, such as organization.

And, wonderfully, still other resources are intended to help veterans who were wounded during their military service and now are living with challenges such as hearing, vision or limb impairment. The Resource Guide provides information about the many ways computers can be adapted and adjusted to accommodate a veteran’s individual needs. Any disabled person — veteran or civilian — can benefit from this knowledge and direction.

The Veterans Computer Resource Guide nicely complements services offered by CompTIA — the parent organization of Creating IT Futures — to help veterans connect with IT training and IT employers. CompTIA participates in, an online portal connecting vets with open jobs in the private sector, as well as career resources like mentoring, training and networking.

And veterans who want to learn more about IT certifications that can land — or advance — a civilian IT career should check out CompTIA’s many certification offerings.

Within the past three years, while building our own philanthropic programs to put future workers into IT careers, Creating IT Futures has supported 49 tech-related charities with more than $400,000 in donations – with military and women-related charities receiving 40 percent of those donations. Together, we are making a difference for our industry, not to mention for the thousands of men and women who desire to secure meaningful employment that also will financially support their families.

I commend our colleagues at the National Cristina Foundation for developing its valuable and much-needed resource to help veterans master computer operations — and, hopefully, transition into rewarding civilian IT careers. We’re glad that we both could help and help spread the word.