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October 21, 2020

Corporate Investments in Creating IT Futures Yield Big Dividends

Financial investing has a lot of rules.


There’s one that says “assured” investments pay lower returns while risky ones pay higher returns — assuming they pay at all.


Then there’s one that says your investment can pay returns now or later — but usually can’t do both.


Creating IT Futures is breaking the rules of investing.


Assured dividends, now


Boeing is committed to community engagement and positive community change, and their strategy “includes improving access to globally competitive learning as well as workforce and skills development.” Boeing supports innovative programs and partnerships, and Creating IT Futures is pleased that they chose to support our efforts.


Boeing’s investment in Creating IT Futures paid for people like Preston Wood to complete tech training and launch a new career within the tech industry.


The pandemic evaporated most of the work that Preston — a Lyft driver in Chicago with a wife and two children — had, hurting him financially.


But thanks to contributions from donors like Boeing, Preston was able to attend CompTIA Tech Career Academy (CTCA) at no cost. After eight weeks of skills training, he now works in tech support for retailer Ulta, where he has job security, benefits and a salary beyond what he made driving for Lyft. Learn more about Preston’s story here and here.


Boeing’s investment in Preston paid off immediately — and changed his life forever, for the better.


Assured dividends, later


And what about later returns?


Boeing’s investment in Preston earned those, too.


A key goal of Creating IT Futures is to help diversify IT — bringing in more women and people of color so that the tech industry reflects proportionately and accurately on who we are as a society. Learn more about hiring our diverse talent.


Our tech academy has been doing that important work, as 67 percent of our graduates have been people of color. People like Preston, who have the soft professional skills and the technical aptitude to launch an upwardly mobile career in IT — but who just needed the opportunity to demonstrate it.


So an investment in Creating IT Futures pays off in assured long-term dividends, too.


We welcome the chance to talk with potential corporate partners about how investing in Creating IT Futures pays assured dividends, both now and long term. Please contact Colleen Crino at or 630.678.8502 to learn more.