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June 29, 2020

How Can Companies Tackle Tech Talent Shortages?

According to the National Science Foundation, more than 3 million skilled technical jobs will go unfilled in the next two years.


How can companies help grow our tech workforce and in turn benefit from their skills?


One way is by aligning with Creating IT Futures and CompTIA Tech Career Academy, says award-winning author and podcaster Charles Eaton, CEO, in a recent Technologist Talk podcast episode.


Creating IT Futures, CompTIA’s tech workforce nonprofit, helps students prepare for, secure and succeed in IT jobs. The charity has invested more than $3 million in developing and testing its best-practices training model IT-Ready Technical Support classes within the CompTIA Tech Career Academy.


Eaton says, “Back in 2012, when we started the IT-Ready Technical Support program in Minneapolis, we had this idea that one day this would be a program that could potentially change many, many lives.”


Over the last eight years, however, Eaton and his team developed a desire to offer a “larger option.”


“We weren't able to get to some of the people that we knew we could serve,” Eaton acknowledges, adding that IT-Ready was limited by philanthropic funding to a small number of cities. Launching CompTIA Tech, he says, is a way to “expand our footprint” as the IT-Ready program is opened to adult students who “don’t necessarily fit the requirements for… our scholarship streams.”


“There's nothing in the marketplace that is successfully…filling that gap of short-form, eight-week intense training around a tech support role” that is open to motivated learners with access, at least in part, to their own sources of funding, he says.


“There [are] a whole bunch of [IT] infrastructure jobs” in technical support, Eaton stresses. “We want to start many, many more careers.”


And a good portion of the Creating IT Futures mission is to diversify the industry by seeking out and training women, people of color and veterans.


Eaton says, “The numbers bear out that diversity is a hugely important piece of growing and running a successful business. Businesses with a more diverse staff who serve a diverse clientele tend to be more successful than those who don’t.”


Creating IT Futures also helps employers by tweaking training to meet their changing needs and by connecting employers with skilled workers.


“The unemployment rates are extremely low for anyone who has technical knowledge,” Eaton says. “And employers are really out there seeking people. And… they need people with skills.


“We’ve done the last mile training and gotten them ready, “Eaton adds. “And now the employer can take over and continue to skill that individual. “


Learn today how you can support the mission of Creating IT Futures. And get info on hiring trained and certified tech workers by visiting CompTIA Tech Career Academy.


Interested in starting your own tech career? Learn more about enrolling in the IT-Ready Technical Support program.


Hear the entire podcast episode and learn more, such as why CompTIA Tech differs from other training options, what to expect in an IT-Ready class, and how to land – and thrive in – an entry-level IT position.


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