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March 31, 2017

7 Myths about Technology Careers

Today’s teens can become tomorrow’s technologists and close the industry’s tech skills gap. Over the last seven weeks, we have outlined the basic myths that influence them to NOT pursue a technology career. To recap…
  1. Technology is all about coding, math and science.
    Myth 1
    Reality is, we need more technicians, network specialists, cybersecurity professionals and data analysts to handle the change of businesses and households connecting more devices to the Internet. Also, “soft skills” like communication and conflict resolution are essential to finding a future position in technology.

  2. Working in technology requires a four-year college degree.
    Myth 2
    The truth is, there are multiple paths to landing a tech job. The traditional route of earning a computer science degree is just one narrow road, but certifications, boot camps and aligned job experience offer other routes to a dream tech career.

  3. If it’s not at Facebook or Google, it’s not a technology job.
    Myth 3
    There are tech positions in almost every organization around the world because every industry depends on IT. Love fashion? Airplanes? Sports? Music? There are tech jobs in all those fields.

  4. A tech career means being stuck in a desk.
    Myth 4

    The technology industry is growing all over the world and stretching far beyond what can be displayed on a desktop monitor.

  5. Money is the main benefit of a tech job.
    Myth 5

    In Creating IT Futures’ 2015 survey of urban teens, helping other people was of equal importance to money in what teens look for in a career. While the average tech job pays nearly double what the standard American wage is, working in a tech career has the promise of so much more than just earning a good salary.

  6. My kids won’t listen to me.
    Myth 6

    Teens do listen to their parents -- maybe not all the time about everything parents would like to tell them. But according to Creating IT Futures’ 2015 survey, most likely teens are listening more often than parents think they are, especially when the topic is as important as their future.

  7. Tech jobs are going overseas.
    Myth 7

    The economic reality is that the digital transformation of business is creating technology jobs faster than many companies -- here and abroad -- can fill them. There are more than half million tech jobs posted online in the U.S. alone.