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May 22, 2017

Putting a stop to dreading the end of the weekend

By Tom Liszka

PeterWBefore unveiling the seventh week of the Faces of Workforce Development showcase, let’s review the first six weeks:
  1. Opening doors to unforeseen career paths.
  2. Building confidence through workforce development.
  3. Motivating factors in workforce development.
  4. Workforce development helps complete the career mission.
  5. The role of continuing education in workforce development programs.
  6. The importance soft skills play in successfully reaching your goals.
Most IT-Ready students who pass their CompTIA A+ certification exams and graduate from the program are eligible for a six-month, on-the-j0b experience paying up to $15/hour. Graduates are effectively employees of that company on a temporary, contract, or full-time permanent basis. With a career in IT, our graduates have a job that they enjoy going to and no longer dread the end of the weekend.

Take Peter White for example. Peter is a Spring 2016 graduate of IT-Ready, a member of the Minnesota Air National Guard, and a current systems engineer at Imagine IT, Inc.

“There is so much that I have been able to do because of the IT-Ready program. I have a job I enjoy going to.

“I work for one of Minnesota's 100 best companies and there is no longer the dreaded weekend ending and Monday beginning. I've also learned a lot from Windows to Macs to Linux to even Windows Servers and different types of encryption software. [Because of the financial stability], I was able to buy a car and have a budget that allows me to do the things I want, instead of having just enough to pay my bills.

“There has been so much good to happen since IT-Ready that I really couldn't have done any of this without it.”

Next week, we’ll hear from a Spring 2013 IT-Ready graduate, who in 2012, found themselves at the point of despair. In their words, they were at a point in their life when they felt they had nothing to offer society and nothing they could contribute of value. IT-Ready helped this displaced individual establish an upwardly mobile career in information technology.