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December 13, 2019

Congratulations to Our Award-Winning IT-Ready Technical Support Team in Minnesota!

A Tekne award in the Workforce Development category recognizes achievement in this way:


“Celebrates innovative approaches to build the tech talent pipeline for Minnesota workplaces. This includes initiatives to attract, develop and retain talent in order to build a diverse and inclusive work community while closing the gap in Minnesota's tech talent shortage.”


Last month, the Minnesota High Tech Association (MHTA) bestowed this honor on our IT-Ready Technical Support team at the Creating IT Futures offices in the Twin Cities.


Why did our team deserve this distinction? Perhaps the official MHTA news release summarizes best:


Creating IT Futures helps unemployed and under-employed people develop interest,Tekne-2019_1131-Workforce-Development-Creating-IT-Futures secure opportunity and discover success in careers working with technology – especially groups currently under-represented in technology fields, such as women and people of color. Its IT-Ready education, training and job-placement program helps adults change careers later in life, particularly military veterans returning to the civilian workforce. Creating IT Futures is a 501(c)(3) charity whose mission is transforming the nation’s workforce for the digital age by helping communities of people develop their digital skills.


How does our team execute this mission? We offer this Technologist Talk 7-piece Podcast Flashback to illustrate their performance and, during this season of gratitude, thank them for their great works:


  1. The “3 U’s”: How IT-Ready is Helping to Fill the IT Skills Gap
  2. Technologist On-Ramps for Grown-Ups: Transitioning into Tech Careers with IT-Ready
  3. IT-Ready in Action: Busting Diversity Myths
  4. Why Diversity is Critical for Technology Organizations (Excerpts from the IT-Ready Employer Panel – Part 1)
  5. Defining the Terms “Diversity & Inclusion” for the Tech Industry (Excerpts from the IT-Ready Employer Panel – Part 2)
  6. Everyday Lessons in "Diversity & Inclusion" for the Tech Industry (Excerpts from the IT-Ready Employer Panel--Part 3)
  7. Micro-Progressions: How the Little Things Build Diversity and Inclusion


Thanks to our Twin Cities team for creating such remarkable stories that inspire success!


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