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September 28, 2015

Meet Randy Gross, Chief Information Officer for CompTIA

When it comes to skills that are critical for an upwardly mobile IT career, job candidates should add curiosity, a willingness to learn, and problem solving to their skills set, said Randy Gross, chief information officer for CompTIA.

“I’m not necessarily a technology geek by any means, but (my job’s) problems happen to be technology related,” he said. “It’s exciting because every day when I come to work it’s something different.”

In a typical work day, Gross meets with people throughout the organization to identify and resolve challenges.

“My typical day is meeting with people, communicating with people,” he said. “The most challenging part of the job is dealing with the unknown, when I’m solving something that likely hasn't even been thought of before and working with teams and different people to figure that out. It’s a very collaborative effort.”

People in the IT industry need to be curious, by nature. “There has to be a willingness to learn,” he said. “Learn how to solve a problem, learn how to add a skill.”

Gross is confident in his ability to provide for his family, knowing that his chosen occupation provides stable and financially secure jobs. But the best part? Exceeding people’s expectations, Gross said.

“You go home and you know you’ve done something good that day,” he said.

Gross discussed the benefits of an upwardly mobile career in information technology (IT) for a video series sponsored by CompTIA , the IT industry association, and its philanthropic arm, the /home">Creating IT Futures Foundation.

The video series allows viewers to see first-hand what different technology jobs are like. Cybersecurity, networking, web design, customer support, data analysis and project management are just some of the careers featured.

According to Burning Glass, the IT industry had nearly one million job openings as of June 2015 — many of which go unfilled because of a lack of qualified candidates. IT careers offer stability, flexibility and unlimited potential, plus salaries well above the national median wage, which is great for families.

Learn more about Gross and the stories of other IT professionals at the Creating IT Futures Foundation and CompTIA YouTube channels.