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April 17, 2017

Building Confidence Through Workforce Development

By Tom Liszka
In the first installment of our Faces of Workforce Development Showcase, we found out how an unexpected construction accident opened the door to a new career path in IT. Now, let’s find out about career confidence from Andrea Ring, an IT-Ready Fall 2012 graduate from Minneapolis, MN.

“I graduated from IT-Ready in December 2012. It changed my life and I continue to rely upon the fundamentals I learned.

“IT-Ready gave me the confidence and the mindset to go further. Information technology is a process of elimination and IT-Ready gave me basic troubleshooting skills. You can’t know the answer to every problem, but IT-Ready gave me the skills to gather information and then process it to find the answer.

“I took two key takeaways from IT-Ready. One is that you don’t have to know everything about IT. If you have the basics and know how to troubleshoot, your future employer will teach you the rest. Secondly, be confident. Confidence will not only win over an employer, it will also win over your customers.”

Andrea now works at Intel Security (formerly McAfee Security) as a Tier 1 Business Support Technician, offering anti-virus product support to the company’s small to large-enterprise customers.

Next week on the Showcase: motivating factors in pursuing an IT career.