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July 21, 2014

Pomeroy finds IT-Ready graduates eager to help company succeed

When Rebecca Jones, Manager for Recruiting and Workforce Planning at Pomeroy, needs to fill a position at the company, she looks at more than just standard qualifications such as education or experience.

She looks for something special in a candidate’s attitude, too. Some might call it a “fire in the belly.”

“Our company is in growth mode right now and when you’re growing a company, you don’t do that with just anybody — you do it with people who are committed and engaged,” Jones said. “So we look for people who understand and appreciate that the job they’re hired to do right now might not be the job they do in 10 years. Certainly for the ambitious person who wishes to learn and grow, he or she has to have room for that growth in our company.”

Pomeroy provides high-quality IT infrastructure services, professional and staffing services, and procurement and logistics services to Fortune 500 corporations, global outsourcing and the public sector throughout the United States, Canada, Latin America and Western Europe.

A recognized leader in the End User Services markets, Pomeroy’s ITIL-certified professionals use a process-centric approach to working with clients — either remotely or on-premise— to assess, plan, design, build, test, implement , manage and, ultimately optimize each client’s IT infrastructure, leading to the creation of tangible business value and return on their IT investments.

Pomeroy — headquartered in Hebron, KY — has worked with IT-Ready for two years now, and has hired about 30 of the program’s graduates. Company managers appreciate how IT-Ready graduates come with CompTIA A+ certification in hand, Jones said. Certification says the new recruits have the technical knowledge and skills needed to hit the ground running.

But even more important, Jones said, IT-Ready graduates bring to Pomeroy years — sometimes decades — of life and work experience.

“Some of the stories of these IT-Ready graduates are completely inspirational,” Jones said. “And because they bring their real-life experience with them — along with their training — they are mature and engaged, and they completely understand how their work can position our company for success. It’s a win-win situation. I hate to say it, because it’s become such a trite phrase, but it’s true.”

Chris Williams is Associate Director of Business Solutions for Per Scholas, which operates IT-Ready there in partnership with the Creating IT Futures Foundation. The foundation is the philanthropic arm of CompTIA, a non-profit trade organization representing the interests of IT professionals and companies.

“Pomeroy has been a great partner for IT-Ready,” Williams said. “They have gone above and beyond in terms of being open to interviewing our graduates.”

Jones said she would encourage her recruitment peers at other companies to consider IT-Ready graduates.

“I would tell any company that you have to train new employees to do work your way. That happens with any new hire,” she said. “The individuals coming from IT-Ready bring a depth and breadth of life experience that offers your company real value. If I could hire 30 more IT-Ready grads tomorrow, I would, just because we’ve had such a great experience with them.”