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December 18, 2019

Former TechShopz Attendee Develops Interest in Combining Medicine and Technology for Future Career

Thanks to the dedication of many wonderful volunteers, TechGirlz is inspiring middle-school girls to consider themselves young technologists and explore the possibilities of working with technology to empower their future careers.


TechGirlz is a nonprofit organization operated by Creating IT Futures, CompTIA’s tech workforce charity. It offers free, fun, hands-on workshops for middle-school girls on topics ranging from game design to solving genetic mysteries.


These TechShopz In A Box™ workshops are led by volunteers, some of whom are high-school-age young women who also have benefited from the same mentoring and encouragement.


To recognize and thank three such students, we’ve recapped articles written by TechGirlz volunteers Alison Perch and Amy Freeman that profile Paige Burns, Halle Derry and Dhivya Arasappan, young women who have used their love of technology to encourage other girls.


Dhivya Arasappan


Ever wonder what happens to the girls who attend a TechGirlz workshop? In many cases, they come back for more and sometimes join our team of volunteers.


Dhivya Arasappan is a good example of the TechGirlz effect in action. Together with a7bd1af35 friend, she attended her first TechGirlz workshop in eighth grade. The second TechGirlz workshop she attended was held at the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) and gave her the opportunity to analyze the DNA of food.


Arasappan was so inspired that she began a PCR and gel electrophoresis experiment for a school project. As part of the experiment, she took a sample of her own DNA and compared it to other control DNA sequences that were homozygous dominant, homozygous recessive, and heterozygous for the Alu gene.


Before attending her first TechGirlz workshop, Arasappan wasn’t sure about pursuing a career in the tech field. The food DNA workshop and her other experiences with the organization helped her develop an interest in combining medicine and technology in her future career.


She has served on the TechGirlz Teen Advisory Board and was one of the webmasters of the TechGirlz site. In her role as a webmaster, she gained hands-on experience using WordPress, which also served her well as the web editor for her school newspaper.


Learn more about how high school girls  and adults can get involved with TechGirlz.


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