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December 8, 2015

Entry-Level Training for All IT Jobs

ThLoganMore than one million IT jobs are open in the U.S., with 60 percent of those jobs in the hardware/services side of the industry and the other 40 percent in software development. As the philanthropic arm of CompTIA, Creating IT Futures Foundation focuses primarily on training and staffing the hardware and services side of technology IT jobs, but with a new strategic partnership with Techtonic, we’ll help opportunity youth and veterans get into IT careers on both sides of the industry.

Techtonic Academy, a division of Boulder-based Techtonic Group, provides training and apprenticeships in software development. Traditional paths to training — like universities, community colleges or software training “bootcamps” — are not viable for those needing full-time employment or who cannot afford tuition or fees. Techtonic Academy doesn’t charge for training, and those accepted are paid a salary while they work side-by-side with senior developers to gain coding experience.

ITJobsHWvSW2015_500“We are thrilled to partner with the Creating IT Futures Foundation because they share our passion for providing underserved populations, young adults and veterans with new, thriving career opportunities in the booming technology industry,” said Heather Terenzio, co-founder and CEO, Techtonic Group. “When a company chooses to work with Techtonic Group over a myriad of other outsourcing options, they know they are going to get a commercial grade, quality product while helping to bring veterans and opportunity youth into the technology field.”

Both Techtonic Academy and the Creating IT Futures Foundation offer non-traditional training programs that allow students the opportunity to gain real-life work experience in the field while completing the program. In-field training helps trainees establish valuable working relationships, advance their skill levels and increase the opportunity for post-graduation employment.

CompTIA members and other businesses can get expertise in software application development and mobile applications. For 13 years, Techtonic Group has served a diverse customer base, from hospital information systems to e-learning, financial services to new media, delivering outsourced software development. Their services range from custom application design and development to complete systems integration and consolidation. By contracting with Techtonic, not only will business be getting quality web and mobile application services, but also helping to train new coders and software developers.

“Together, we can unite our efforts and expand the tech workforce across the spectrum of IT occupations,” said Charles Eaton, CEO of Creating IT Futures Foundation.