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May 28, 2015

El Paso high school prepares students for upwardly mobile IT careers after graduation

ElPasoWhitepaperMore than 70 percent of the students attending El Dorado High School in El Paso, Texas, are considered economically disadvantaged. Despite this, the school has built a program equipping students for successful IT careers after graduation.

A new white paper published by the Creating IT Futures Foundation’s IT Futures Labs examines the school’s multiple best practices and how they steer administrators, teachers, parents and students alike to successful outcomes. To learn more about the innovative El Dorado model, download the white paper.

The Creating IT Futures Foundation established IT Futures Labs in 2015 to discover new approaches to IT career on-ramps. Rather than taking a purely academic approach, IT Futures Labs learns by doing — through collaborating, asking good questions and measuring outcomes. It discovers and develops via:
  • Market Research to increase understanding of audiences who may make IT a career.
  • Process Improvement Projects to advance the effectiveness or efficiency of IT workforce development programs.
  • New IT Workforce Programs that IT Futures Labs may develop either on its own or in conjunction with other organizations.
  • Best Practices in IT Workforce Development that we can share with target audiences, whether it be schools, for-profit corporations, or other nonprofits.
With additional funding, IT Futures Labs plans to launch projects to bring more youth, women, minorities and under-employed adults into the IT field. If you’d like to get involved in IT Futures Labs’ latest projects, contact Eric Larson at