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November 13, 2018

IT-Ready finds partner and advocate in TeamLogicIT

As a long-time board member for CompTIA, Chuck Lennon supported the leading IT trade organization’s efforts to advance workplace development in the tech industry.


But after Lennon joined the board of CompTIA’s IT workforce charity, Creating IT Futures, and met people helped by its signature IT-Ready training program, he got personally involved.


“To meet some of the people benefitting from IT-Ready — well, that was what put it right over the top for me,” he said. “IT-Ready is doing tremendous good.”

Chuck Lennon Talking

Lennon is the executive vice president at TeamLogicIT, a national provider of advanced technology solutions for companies of all sizes. Its local offices provide clients with the IT support needed to run their businesses more efficiently by leveraging solutions that include managed IT services, cyber security services, business continuity, unified communications, cloud services, mobility solutions, and consulting and support.


With more than 150 independently owned and operated offices throughout North America, TeamLogicIT helps companies minimize downtime and improve productivity.


The company announced last year that it would financially support IT-Ready, the country’s preeminent charitable training and career placement program. TeamLogicIT established a goal of generating $100,000 in contributions from its rapidly growing network of franchises during the next five years.


An eight-week, classroom-based tech training program, IT-Ready teaches adult participants the knowledge and skills they need to launch a successful IT career. IT-Ready courses are completely underwritten so students can attend classes for free.


Research shows that most IT industry executives are concerned about hiring, since job vacancies continue to outpace qualified applicants, resulting in a “skills gap.” Armed with CompTIA A+ certifications, IT-Ready graduates come technically prepared for entry-level positions.


“But equally important is a candidate’s overall attitude, work ethic and willingness to learn,” Lennon said. “IT-Ready graduates come out of the program with great attitudes and excited about starting a whole new career, along with a whole new chapter in their lives. And if TeamLogicIT can play a role in helping them succeed, that’s a phenomenal opportunity for us.”  


In addition to offering financial support, TeamLogicIT hopes to provide guest lecturers and mentors to IT-Ready, Lennon said.


“Our franchisees are very smart and successful business people who come from a wide array of backgrounds,” he said. “Mentoring is right up their alley.”

Chuck Lennon Headshot

The company also plans to hire IT-Ready graduates.


“Virtually every one of our offices is in a position to hire,” he said. “What a fantastic opportunity it would be for an IT-Ready participant to walk into a TeamLogicIT office staffed with experienced engineers and be mentored by the team going out and servicing clients every day. We feel very strongly about IT-Ready and the work being done, and I am thrilled we’re able to step up to the plate to help advance the mission.”


Lennon encouraged other tech companies to look at IT-Ready as a source for qualified and motivated entry-level talent. With statistics showing high graduation and certification rates — as well as high job placement and job retention rates — IT-Ready has data proving that its method works.


“The numbers speak to the success of this program. If my peers are interested in hiring people with great attitudes, great work ethic and a drive to succeed, they need look no further than IT-Ready,” he said. “I don’t know of any other technical training program that is identifying qualified talent as well as the IT-Ready program is doing.”