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December 9, 2019

How Did Taking a Punch from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Help CompTIA’s CEO Develop His Career as a Technologist? This PodcastFlashback explains.

How did CompTIA CEO Todd Thibodeaux grow from playing with Lincoln Logs to leading the world’s foremost technology association? Well, he tells members of Creating IT Futures partner organization the Technology Student Association (TSA), being tough enough to take a punch from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson helped develop his career as a technologist.


In a Technologist Talk Radio episode from early this year, Thibodeaux shares his “technologist tale” with teens at the annual TSA conference. He describes growing up playing with Lincoln Logs, which led to Legos then building Erector sets and other models with his father, who was an engineer. After a youth spent tinkering with toys and gadgets, Thibodeaux says his teenage years were spent working a series of part-time jobs, including running his own golf club repair business. He also encourages young people to try their hands working in customer service roles.


“I learned more from those jobs than anything I learned in high school: How to interact with adults, time management, responsibility,” Thibodeaux tells conference attendees. “Figure out what you’re good at. Everyone says follow your passion, but I say figure out what you’re good at and chances are you’re going to be passionate about it.”


During this season of gratitude, Creating IT Futures would like to express our gratitude to Thibodeaux for supporting one of our core missions: Nurturing the next generation of technologists. Not only does he serve as an Executive Board Member, he regularly shares his experience, knowledge and wisdom with Inspiring Success blog readers and Technologist Talk podcast listeners.


“We need to tell stories because there’re a lot of misconceptions about what it means totodd-227x300 work in the tech industry,” Thibodeaux says during the Technologist Talk Radio episode. “A lot of people turn away from the tech world because they don’t have the confidence they need to take that leap of faith.”


Thanks, Todd! For being such a great storyteller on our behalf.


Click here to listen to this Podcast Flashback, just in case you missed the episode first time around.


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