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March 25, 2020

Podcast Mini-Series for Women’s History Month Features 5 “Technologist Tales” of Closing the Gender Gap in the Tech Workforce

In honor of Women’s History Month, Technologist Talk – the award-winning podcast produced by Creating IT Futures – assembled a mini-series about women working to close the gender gap in the tech workforce. This Podcast Flashback shares five “Technologist Tales” of women in tech who blaze trails, reject bias and inspire peers.


The extended episode features:

  • Cristina’s Technologist Tale: Translating Latin Studies to Leadership Skills

    What do software coding, Roman civilization and duck decoys have in common? All were mileposts along Cristina Martin Greysman’s road to a successful career in technology that included rising through dabbling with code to chairing CompTIA’s Advancing Women in Technology Community (AWIT).

  • Sarah’s Technologist Tale: An Award-Winning Passion for Tinkering

    Many technologists are tinkerers, working hands-on with technology to solve problems for individuals and businesses. Sarah Johnson, first-ever winner of the CompTIA / ChannelPro Cecelia Galvin Scholarship Award, tinkers with digital marketing, teaching STEM classes and developing autonomous drones. Plus, she runs TechGirlz TechShopz. In this episode, hear what motivates this fanatical learner.

  • Amy’s Technologist Tale: From Wood Shop to Board Room

    How do you rise from tinkering in a wood shop to leading the Board of Directors for the world’s most influential IT association? Amy Kardel, CompTIA’s Vice President, Strategic Workforce Relationships, walks us through her technologist’s journey – from playing with gadgets beside her dad to side hustles in college to bootstrapping an IT services firm.

  • Tracey’s Technologist Tale: Seeing Beyond “Unnecessary” Divides in Tech

    What does the championship journey of the U.S. women’s national soccer team teach us about the challenges facing today’s female technologists? How to see beyond the “unnecessary” divides they inevitably will confront on the road to successful tech careers, says Tracey Welson-Rossman, Chief Marketing Officer at Chariot Solutions and founder of the Women In Tech Summit (WITS) and Creating IT Futures’ TechGirlz program.

  • Joan’s Technologist Tale: Inspiring Teen Technologists through Education

    How do you inspire teenagers to explore careers working with technology? One way is starting a tech-focused high school. Joan Matz, a technologist with a passion for education, talks about helping start Chi Tech, Chicago’s Tech Academy High School, a role that led to Creating IT Futures and a position supporting initiatives, such as TechGirlz and the Technology Student Association (TSA).


Click here to listen to all five Technologist Tales in this mini-series in the order listed above.


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