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October 25, 2019

Why today’s teens should know what being a “technologist” really means

What does being a “technologist” really mean?


In one of the earliest episodes of our Technologist Talk Radio podcast, Todd Thibodeaux, CEO of CompTIA, the world’s leading association for IT pros and parent organization of Creating IT Futures, says tech industry leaders must do a better job defining the term.


What’s at stake? Attracting the next generation of tech workers, who will need to understand the nuances of being a technologist to thrive in an increasingly digital business world.


“We have to do a better job of exposing kids to that broader world, that tech is not just what’s in front of them. It’s not just their phone, Xbox, or applications that they use on their phone,” Thibodeaux tells Technologist Talk host Bob Dirkes.


Break down a technologist’s role, Thibodeaux starts with what a technologist is not. Despite prevailing myths about working with technology being all about coding and math, what many consider traditional tech jobs — software developers and computer programmers —make up only a fraction of the total number of workers, says Thibodeaux.


“Most people who work for tech companies work in sales and marketing, finance, administration, customer service,” he adds.


What’s more, stresses Thibodeaux, technology is prevalent in every industry – from ToddT state-of-industry-header copy2 automotive and entertainment, to hospitality and medicine. With half the tech roles in this country taking place at non-tech companies, chances are today’s teens interested in tech careers will end up working somewhere other than Google or Microsoft.


Click here to listen to this Podcast Flashback, just in case you missed the episode first time around.


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