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March 5, 2015

Meet Reynold Roberts, Brooklyn borough training manager for ASI System Integration

 Reynold Roberts says he is living proof that a desire to learn and to work collaboratively with others can fuel an upwardly mobile career in the IT industry.

Reynold, who started his own career in the IT industry as an entry-level technician, now works as borough training manager in Brooklyn for ASI System Integration.

“Definitely anybody can do this type of work,” he said. “Math does not play that important of a part in it — I think it’s more about people skills and a desire to learn.”

Reynold’s job is to work with his borough’s supervisors to discuss challenges their teams are facing and how best to resolve them. Collaboration and teamwork play a huge part in the IT industry, he said.

“A good IT guy interacts with people constantly,” he said. “I get out of my office as much as I possibly can.”

Reynold’s insights into the collaborative aspect of IT is part of a video series sponsored by CompTIA , the IT industry association, and its philanthropic arm, the Creating IT Futures Foundation.

The video series is intended to show viewers the wide range of careers available within technology — as well as the types of skills the IT industry needs in employees. The interview with Reynolds, for example, demonstrates that although many people assume an IT career requires strong math and science acumen, that’s actually not the case.

Reynolds also shows that teamwork and collaboration play an important role in an upwardly mobile IT career.

Data shows that as many as 620,000 IT-related jobs went unfilled in 2014 because of a lack of qualified candidates. IT careers offer stability, flexibility and unlimited potential — plus salaries well above the national median wage, which is great for families.

Learn Reynold’s story — as well as those of other IT professionals—at the Creating IT Futures Foundation and CompTIA YouTube channels.