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Smart Hires Are Smart Business


  • When hiring managers at Atomic Data interview candidates for vacant positions, the softer professional skills the candidates possess often are just as important as technical knowledge. That’s why Atomic Data has hired 9 graduates from our IT-Ready Technical Support program — because they come to work already knowing the day-to-day expectations of a tech professional.
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Diversify Your Workforce


By hiring our graduates, not only are you making smart hiring decisions, but also diversifying your tech workforce. We train motivated people with an aptitude for technology from multiple underserved populations:




Long-Term Unemployed


Multiple Ethnic & Racial Groups


Individuals Without College Degrees





Graduates Are Ready to Work


Low Risk & Cost-Effective: Recruitment, screening, background checks, training and certification are all included in student tuition.


Certified: Graduates have proven technical capabilities.


Ready for Entry-Level Tech Positions: Our graduates are prepared for call centers, help desks and desktop support roles in IT.


Trained in Soft Skills: In addition to technical skills, our graduates undergo preparation in communication and other professional skills, so they are ready for your workplace.

How Can Your Company Get Involved


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Hire a Graduate

Our graduates are ready to work on Day One of their new jobs. Contact one of our staff listed below to connect to our graduates.


Showcase your Company

In our mini job fair during graduations, participate in speed interviews to meet and tell graduates about your company.


Underwrite Student Tuition

Help students attend the program with financial contributions for their tuition.

 Our Employer Network

Employers believe in our graduates. We work with local and national employers to connect our graduates to potential job opportunities and to provide additional career services.

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