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May 1, 2017

Workforce Development Helps Complete the Career Mission

By Tom Liszka

Brittany Lowe-LipseyLet’s check out the first three weeks in our Faces of Workforce Development showcase:
  1. Opening doors to unforeseen career paths.
  2. Building confidence through workforce development.
  3. Motivating factors in workforce development.
You’ll notice that those three testimonials end up with successful outcomes in tech, but not all success stories start with certification and end in IT. Brittany Lowe-Lipsey fits that mold and was gracious enough to share her story with us.

“I never passed my CompTIA A+ certification. I missed a critical section in the simulation portion and I could not afford to take it again. But the blessing was I still got a job working at a small intellectual property firm as a Desktop Support Analyst – Tier I.

“I learned so much from working in my role there. I became well versed in AD (Active Directory), I spent a lot of time onboarding/off-boarding employees, I organized and ordered licenses for developers among other admin work, I set up and performed troubleshooting on workstations. I worked with VMware and was learning using virtualization frequently.

“I began to lead a project in switching the entire company over to IDENTIKEY Vasco Authentication Services shortly before I left. It was such an amazing experience and I absolutely have IT-Ready to thank for my ability and confidence to pursue work in the IT field.

“Recently, I got a new job in SEO (search engine optimization) marketing. I am currently working as a search engine program manager and working to get Google certified. I am now learning to code and will be preparing to seek a master’s degree in computer science this summer. I hope one day to perhaps move into a DevOps role.

“Although I was a failure to the program, I still succeeded in the end goal and completed the mission, and for that I am so grateful to IT-Ready and CompTIA.”

We love the words that Brittany shared with us, but disagree with her on one part: she is not a failure to the program. While we strive for 100 percent certification rate and placement in IT-specific jobs through IT-Ready, some stories take time to evolve and lead to new career opportunities, even outside of IT.

After students complete their workforce development programs, many of them are pursuing additional certifications, allowing them to gain more knowledge and work on projects that a year prior they would not have understood. This has led to many surreal days on-the-job, and next week, we’ll hear from one of those individuals. Stay tuned.