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January 14, 2016

Wells Fargo finds qualified, diverse IT talent for the long haul with IT-Ready

wellsfargoThe Wall Street Journal describes Wells Fargo as the most valuable bank in the world.

The company provides banking, insurance, investment, mortgage and consumer and commercial financial services to more than 70 million customers around the world at 8,700 locations as well as online and via mobile devices.

Keeping employees and customers connected by ensuring technology works wherever and whenever they need it is critical for Wells Fargo’s success, said Jason Griffin, vice president of the company’s technology talent acquisition program.

“Wells Fargo Enterprise Technology hires between 2,500 and 3,000 people on an annual basis,” he said. “Our company has grown primarily through mergers, so we have several different technology systems and platforms. We need technologists who can work with these systems as well as people who will keep us ahead of the curve on the latest IT advances.”

Some of Wells Fargo’s technologists focus on specific areas of expertise — security, networking or mobile applications, for example — while others are generalists who can work in multiple areas.

The size and scale of Wells Fargo requires both specialists and generalists who can work with teammates and clients face to face and virtually.

“You may be based in Minneapolis, but working with a teammates in Charlotte, New York and India,” Griffin said. “Our primary focus is meeting our customers’ needs, so our teams are located where we can best serve our customers and our communities.”

As the median age of the average American worker continues to increase, Wells Fargo is working to attract younger talent and keep them at the company long-term by offering professional growth opportunities with increasing responsibility.

“The breadth and scope of the services we provide means we have ample opportunities for our team members to continuously develop their skills without leaving the company,” Griffin said. “And because much of our workplace is virtual, we’re able to offer new career opportunities that don’t require team members to move.

“We’re striving to build a balanced team in terms of experience, expertise and generational diversity.”

Wells Fargo recently hired two graduates of the IT-Ready program sponsored by the Creating IT Futures Foundation in Minnesota.

IT-Ready is a free, eight-week education, training and career placement program that prepares unemployed or under-employed adults for entry-level IT positions. Graduates emerge from IT-Ready with a solid understanding of information technology, as well as the CompTIA A+ certification many employers desire in help desk or support IT workers.

Colleen Lutes, a Wells Fargo technology manager, said, “IT-Ready graduates are way above some of our regular IT contractors. Graduates are engaging and contribute. They understand the customer as they serve their clients. They have steadily increased their calls and are right where they should be.”

Griffin added that Wells Fargo was interested in partnering with IT-Ready because of the strong technical education students receive during the program, as well as the softer professional training in areas such as communication, problem solving, critical thinking and customer care. Such a background positions graduates well for help desk and service support roles and gives them the strong foundation they need to advance their careers.

“IT-Ready graduates do well right off the bat,” he said. “Our experience has been positive.”