Through our WWP Partnership, Veterans Receive Intense Training to Prepare Them for Civilian IT Roles

Wounded Warrior Project


Our IT-Ready Technical Support program provides an on-ramp for adults to a successful career in information technology. We offer training, certification preparation and connections to potential employers for qualifying adults who enjoy using technology, but who lack formal job experience in the IT field.


In our program, veterans of all occupational backgrounds and life experiences can be trained quickly to successfully enter the IT workforce – even if they don’t have prior IT experience.


Veterans possess skills in high demand by the private sector – such as discipline, maturity, perseverance, and the ability to think critically, solve problems and work effectively with others.


IT-Ready Technical Support is also open to military spouses, because IT is also a great field for them, providing skills that can accompany them as they transfer for duty assignments.

Our Partnership Provides Financial Assistance

In partnership with Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP), grants are available to veterans, their spouses and caregivers to greatly reduce their tuition. In 2019, all WWP members who were enrolled in the Academy’s IT-Ready Technical Support program received grants to cover the full cost of their tuition.

A Chance to Earn Certifications

Veterans who do have technology experience often have the same training and skills as their civilian counterparts, but they lack the professional certifications expected by civilian employers. IT-Ready offers veterans the chance to identify and fill in any gaps in training required for employment in civilian positions.

Veterans Can Apply for the Warriors to Work Program Today


Find out more about the IT-Ready Technical Support program and how you can apply through the Wounded Warrior Project. 

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Cognizant and CompTIA Come Together to Fund Program


Creating IT Futures is proud that we’ve been able to partner with the Wounded Warrior Project for this unique educational opportunity for veterans. The program is funded through a grant awarded in 2018 by Cognizant U.S. Foundation in partnership with Wounded Warrior Project’s “Warriors to Work Program” and our parent organization CompTIA. The Cognizant U.S. Foundation provided a $4.5 mission cash grant, and CompTIA donated $1.5 mission in cash plus $1.7 mission in-kind to launch the program.


The combined $7.7 million will fund a three-year education campaign that aims to place as many as 2,000 individuals into the IT industry. New training centers were established through the program in Chicago, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Diego and virtually. More information is available in this press release.


Cognizant Foundation

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