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  • January 23, 2015

    Creating the Next Generation of Technologists

    For the past two years, we’ve been honing new processes and programs at the Creating IT Futures Foundation. We’ve tested what works best in IT workforce development. We’ve reviewed and researched...
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  • August 26, 2014

    IT-Ready: Aiding The Long-Term Unemployed

    Nearly 40 percent of all unemployed persons have been searching for a job for 27 weeks or longer. That’s about 3.8 million Americans.
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  • July 22, 2014

    Understanding what makes youth think…about future IT careers

    The Creating IT Futures Foundation recently commissioned research to better understand how urban youths think about and plan for their futures, along with what are the drivers and barriers of interest in IT.
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  • July 21, 2014

    Pomeroy finds IT-Ready graduates eager to help company succeed

    Pomeroy, an IT infrastructure management company, looks for candidates eager for a career, not just a job. That big-picture vision has helped fuel the company’s growth.
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  • June 19, 2014

    The secret to a successful IT career? Build relationships, not just skills

    Research finds that career navigation skills – networking, teamwork, flexibility, life-long learning – make the difference between career success and failure.
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  • May 19, 2014

    Dale Burkett: Tech Adventurer

    An unlikely candidate for a tech career, Dale Burkett embraced an adventuresome attitude that led him to be successful in both the technology and management sides of information technology. Now a senior manager at Lenovo, Burkett looks back at his adventures, and provides advice to those entering the IT workforce.
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