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September 10, 2018

Technologist Talk Radio Podcast Visits CompTIA’s Bring Your Kids to Work Day

Showing kids how tech works behind the scenes is a big part of mentoring the next generation of technologists, which is why CompTIA invited kids in to play with drones, roller coasters and virtual reality games – plus, start thinking about future careers in IT.

More than 60 kids came with their parents on Bring Your Kids to Work Day. And by the time they left, the kids had a better understanding of how working in technology can be fun, challenging and creative.

Take a listen to this recent episode of Technologist Talk Radio, a podcast from CompTIA’s workforce charity, Creating IT Futures, and share the excitement from the big day.

Meantime, here are some highlights:

Featuring Creativity & Opportunity in a “Big” Field

“I think the way technology is moving, every kid is aware of the emerging tech,” said Kimaya Wentworth, who put the Bring Your Kids to Work Day event together with her team from CompTIA.

They planned dozens of activities involving roller coasters, programming and creative inventions. The idea is that teaching kids about the latest gadgets at a young age will get them thinking about the careers they’d like to pursue, whether it’s being a drone pilot or a network architect.

“The field is so big that it’s just like anything touches technology at the end of the day,” Wentworth said. “It’s just getting them involved and getting them to think, ‘Oh, this is the tech field? Maybe I could do this.’”

Inspiring the Next Generation of Technologists

The 2018 Bring Your Kids to Work Day event was CompTIA’s biggest day on record — 60 kids came with their parents to learn about working with technology as a career.

“This is the first year my son’s been here for this and it’s been wonderful showing him the office, showing him the things we do,” said Spencer Bone, who works at CompTIA. “Being a technology company, there’s just so many fun things that we can share with the younger generation that we’re doing, what we’re interested in and what we’re working on.” 

Listen to the episode now: CompTIA’s Bring-Your-Kids-to-Work Day: Seeing Technologists in Action